THE INTRO: Erick wanted a nice, fluid like movement within his logo. The initial idea was to have an actual liquid simulation inside, but it was really thick, and went against the nice elegant look of his logo. Instead I used particles to convey the liquid look. I think this add's a nice, unique style to his graphics, as well as building upon his current branding. 
THE STINGER: Erick wanted a clean, and unique stinger transition for his Twitch stream. I wanted to incorporate the clean metallic look of his logo, with a dynamic animation that would never get old. It was a long shot, but he ended up loving it. 
THE FACECAM: The base facecam designed Evan was slick and clean, but it lacked a bit of personality. I went ahead and changed the border of the webcam to match the fluid particle simulation, and animated a loop of his logo in 3D space.
Overall I had a great time working with Erick on this pack, and I hope to do more with him in the future. He was an excellent client, and was super open to new ideas. The entire pack took me about 2 weeks (with revisions) and I'm happy I was able to make his deadline.