STARTING SOON: The starting soon screen is meant to represent the journey of the stream. The camera is pointed at the beginning of the path, with the text "J'arrive" which roughly means "I'm on the way". I animated the shaking camera, and rolling spyglass to give the impression that the scene is on rolling pirate ship.  
STINGER: The stinger transition is a simple flag simulation I did with Cinema 4D's native cloth engine.
Flag Scenes: These looping 10s segments are meant to be played during Nakatine's intermission screen. The torn flag ties in with the stinger, as well as the overall pirate theme. 
END SCREEN: The end screen is very similar to the starting soon screen. It ties the whole stream design together as the end of the journey. The camera is positioned to show the end of the path on the map with the text "Fin du stream, merci!" which roughly means "End of stream thank you!". 
In all I really loved working on this pack. I was able to tie a lot of cool ideas together to create a fun and playful pack, while keeping some really nice 3D environments. You can find the full pack created by Infograpik here: Nakatine - Infograpik