eFuse, Senior Motion Designer

NOV 2020 — SEP 2023
- Ideate, plan, and animate short-form videos that support marketing campaigns for external clients across the esports space.
- Design and animate broadcast overlays, stinger transitions, 3D renders for live-streamed esports tournaments.
- Develop, label, and document Essential Graphics Templates (MOGRTs) for effective collaboration.
- Created web animations using After Effects & Lottie then worked with developers to implement the lottie animations in product, on iOS and web.
- Work in a fast-paced environment across multiple projects at a time with varying scopes in a multitude of art styles, and mediums.

Freelance, Motion Designer / Art Director

I work directly with clients to solve their problems with animation, design, 3D, and web.
- Build solutions that fit a client's budget and the goals of their project.
- Work as an extra set of hands for larger studios, and fill in as a Sr. Artist.. Capable of handling any problem with minimal intervention.
- Design motion graphics for various display formats, including: 
Stadium displays, holograms, and a Pixel watch in a Google conference presentation one time


Cinema 4D (RS, Octane, XP), Figma, Blender,
Creative Cloud


3D/2D Animation, 3D Modeling / Lighting / Rendering, Visual Design, VFX,
Basic web-dev: HTML / Vanilla JS | React | Vue